Live Video.....

“Dear Lisa, JB and Jeremy: I just watched your YouTube video. You guys sound terrific. Lisa: You look and sound great - and like you are having the time of your life. JB: Is that the Lawler trumpet? - you sound extremely comfortable on it. And Jeremy: Great playing! - right in the pocket - swinging all the way!"
Dr. Bill Prince, world-renowned multi-instrumentalist.

“The video is actually quite nice. Good sound, clear video. Live concert videos are tough to shoot. Nice work!"
John E. Citrone, local musician.

"[Lisa and JB,] What a kick to see you on the 'Tube...The band sounds great, and it was nice to see Dave [Steinmeyer] doing his thing!"  "Lisa and JB are some of the new pioneers of Jazz artists that are bringing jazz to old and new audiences alike. Stay well."
Paul Chiaravalle, Associate Vice President/Chief of Staff, Columbia College, Chicago, IL.

Video/Photos By, other Photos by Tuan Nguyen, Lisa Kelly and fans!

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